Casey Hutcheson

                              V.P. / Communications Director

Casey has been working with Bonnie since 2008, following a call of God to write films that inspire.  She has studied an majored in Communications, Screenplay Writing, Business and Theology during her eight years of college education.  In addition, she has trained under Christian ministries off and on for 17 years, learning the tools needed to minister to the hopeless. She has counseling certification through Wellspring Ministries International (

"So many people, parents, see needs ... especially in children ... and they genuinely want to help.  But, they don't know how.  Once upon a time I was severely struggling with how to help my own children.  How could I dare to help others when I was failing as a mom?  Churches had helped, but ultimately failed me.  Counselors failed me.  Even the Bible didn't give me the practical, everyday tools I needed to succeed at helping those I loved so much.

Then, I met Bonnie!  She thought I was her answer when she cried out for a screenplay writer.  She ended up being my answer!  As I worked on her screenplay, I wept day in and day out, and God changed my heart.  God used her and her testimony to give me the tools I needed to be the best mom I can be.  I went from being a miserable mom to a delighted one with happy, awesome kids!  Now I feel more than equipped to adopt and help others should God ever honor me with that call. 

I believe that if her story is shared in a feature film, parents across the globe will be inspired to allow God to use them ... with all their imperfections and short-comings ... to be the answers He uses to love His babies back to life!"


Hephzibah Biblically means " daughter, in whom I delight!"

HP believes God delights in all his children, and has given a commission to those who follow Jesus Christ to open our homes and hearts to orphans.  

Hephzibah Pictures was created to support God's work in healing the hearts of broken children.

Its purpose is simple:  

To make family friendly entertainment that will help hurting children world-wide.  Profit from film productions will be used to support adoptions, and hopefully inspire millions to open their homes and hearts to hurting children!